Happiness is the greatest hack to productivity and profitability.

Happiness is the greatest hack to productivity and profitability.





Ask WHO not HOW...

Nobody becomes a business owner to stop working 40 hours weeks and start working 60-80 hour weeks and being more stressed out then when they were answering to a boss.


But for many of us this is the reality we face.


For many business owners the answer to regaining their time, building a more profitable business, and creating the impact the want to have on the world is right at their fingertips.


They just don’t know it yet…(or it seems “too hard”)


You see most business owners are under-utilising the team they already have, or worse they don’t realise how much stuff they could be off loading to someone else to free up their time. Since we’ve built our businesses from the ground up we convince ourselves that nobody can do it better than us (usually under the pretense that it’s just “quick if I do it myself”, this is a lie) .


But do we really need someone who can do it better than us or someone who can do it at least 80% as good as us and only need to be trained in the other 20%?


See the real secret to scaling your business to stop trying to figure out all the HOW’s. Not matter how hard you try you will never have all the answers yourself.


That’s why you need to start focusing on the WHO’s. Getting the right people in the right job at the right time will see your business scale exponentially. Remember what Branson Said "It's all about finding and hiring people smarter than you" and "Then getting out of their way. And trusting them. You have to get out of the way so YOU can focus on the bigger vision"


This is because their lists of demands disguised as “job advertisements” aren’t attracting world class talent, so then the onboarding sucks and the training isn’t effective PAUSE!

With just a little bit of thought this all gets fixed.


Because with the right team, managed in the right way you can easily cut out 20 hours from your work week of ‘stuff’ that is not your genius, drains your energy and someone else can probably do far better, faster and more effectively than you anyway! And once you hire your heroes you can start spending more time doing what ONLY you can do and focusing on doing the things you love.

And after spending the last 2 decades consulting in recruitment and team building I wanted to make it a reachable goal for businesses of any size to achieve flow, exponential growth and most importantly a workplace everyone (yep including you) loved coming to everyday.


You see Heros don’t trade time for money - they join a mission and bust their butt to see the team succeed.


That is why I started my Team Building Accelerator, for businesses ready to scale and have the impact they deserve to have, as well as my People| Profit| Purpose Program for people who have already mastered the basics of building out their Culture DNA for their business bare are serious about being the ripple effect of happiness and the change they want to see in the world (& their industry) while still having an amazing lifestyle and the freedom to do the things they love!


Just like I said it’s all in your hands. If you want to chat to me more about each of these programs or individual help hiring the team of heroes who are going to help your business scale, send me a message HERE with the subject: WHO not HOW

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jade and I’m a recruiter…




I’ve been recruitment sober for 5 years now.


But the reason I started in recruitment all those years ago is a very similar reason to what I am doing now.


I want to help people find the jobs they love.


I want business owners to have teams that are productive and profitable.


And for those of you that are looking to build your teams you’ll be glad to know that profitability and productivity is a great side effect of having a happy team.


What these 2 goals merged together to create was my mission.


My mission is to enable 6000 humans to be happy at work by May 2024.


I’ve always been one to question the way society works.


Since I was 12 I pushed back against the brules (bullsh*t rules) of society.


And whether it be advocating for female primary students to be able to wear shorts, or helping business owners build teams that share their purpose rather than just chasing a paycheck each of these things helps me create a society that I am proud to be a part of.

Because right now I’m fighting against business owners who treat their staff like they own them, that don’t care about their weekend and don’t want to know them as a human.

I am fighting against lists of demands that are labelled jobs ads, I’m sorry but a list of daily chores isn’t going to excite me about a business.


I am fighting against outsourced teams being treated as strange or foreign or more like an App than a human.


I am fighting to make your job as a business owner less stressful.


I am fighting to make the lives of your team less stressful.


I am fighting for your happiness.


I am fighting to encourage business owners to ask WHO not HOW and to finally get the right people in the right seats.


Because your business is like a longboat, if everyone isn’t rowing together, you’re going nowhere and this is the most easily forgotten step when building a business.


I work with business who want to help me build the number of happy humans at work to greater than 6000.


I am here for those of you who want to make an impact, for those of you who don’t want to just be part of ripples but start creating them.


It is our duty as business owners to step up and create this reality for our teams before they can create it for themselves.


We can help them build flow, we can create business that put people first instead of treating them like ownable assets.


YOU can choose to take up this mission with me.


And we’re gonna find you the heroes that are going to help you fight it.


For years I worked with the teams at Mindvalley and Entrepreneur Resorts to encourage business leaders to take on the world. So I’m no stranger to facilitating large and small scale events.


I have an infectious energy that lights up the room and know how to hand out tough love without the tears and meltdowns.


Transitioning from helping people find their calling now I aim to come into businesses and encourage people to re-examine their culture so that team members at every level show up and do their best.


What roadblocks need to be removed?


What can we do to inspire them?


Are your company values just words on a wall or is there a way that you measure how each individual is living into these beliefs.


This training and facilitation sees teams band together in ways never seen before and has leaders looking inwards for the answers rather than outwards for the blame.


These sessions are personalised to your business or event and will challenge and inspire the audience to take action immediately afterwards.


I’m always a great believer that we don’t have a knowledge problem, we have an implementation problem so as we work together I will make sure each person has something that they are going to walk away and implement.


If you want a speaker who actually helps change start rather than just hoping that it will, then slide into my DMs (make sure it’s a classy introduction) using the opt-in form below and let’s chat about how we can help create your team of heroes.


Choosing to listen and follow your path is the most courageous and brilliant choice Jade ever made but Jade isn’t special or different to you. It does take courage to make the choice to change, but we all have it, you just have to be willing to get out of your way. Jade is a presenter, facilitator and coach who has walked the path and now spends her time lighting up the path for others to Engineer their lives to live with more passion and profit.


With a story that blends humour and horror with a decent dose of inspiration and transformation,  Jade is often asked to present to business owners on how to find flow and get profits and people under control so that they can gain their time and freedom back.  A perfect mix of tomboy and sass, with a huge laugh and wicked sense of humour, Jade is known for her skills on personal branding, LinkedIn sales strategy and creating 12 week business plans that result in increasing cashflow and happiness.

 Finalist 2019 Bx Business xCellence Awards in the category of Business Services.

1 of StartUp Daily's Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40

International Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year - Business Services

International Stevie Award for Women-Run Workplace of the Year - 10 or Less Employees

StartUp Daily's Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40

Among other accolades, Jade has been honoured as one of StartUp Daily's Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40, received two Bronze International Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and her Recruiting & Search Firm; Velocity Consulting, was the very first business to receive investment from The Entourage Growth Fund.

Life is a choice.

It is what YOU choose.

Jade wakes up everyday to people realise that Life is a Choice it is what YOU choose.


She is on a mission to help busy business owners to remember that we are Souls here having a Human experience and to help them get people, profits and performance under control so that they can have more time and freedom to live their epic lives.


Want to work with me and other business owners on building the team of your dreams?


Yes that means humans are productive, profitable and most importantly HAPPY!


If this literally sounds like everything you’ve been striving for in your business so you can go and worry about other things while your team kills it...


Then you need to check out my Team Building Accelerator

Everything you need to know about:


  • Hiring your team of world class talent

  • Training them to be your business's heroes

  • Leanding them to success

We run through everything you need to build a solid foundation for your busi`ness to scale exponentially after these few weeks together… plus ongoing support and great community of other business owners around you so that you never lose motivation or fall victim to inaction.


Use the button below to chat with me about your business and we can decide if this is the right step for you.


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others say about Jade

Jade is game changing coach with a wealth of knowledge.


"​I first met Jade during the Mindvalley Master Certified Trainers training 3-years ago. Since that time, I have found Jade to be a wealth of practical and innovative strategies for Starting and Scaling businesses. She is highly accomplished facilitating, coaching and presenting as a world-class speaker. In scaling my own business, "It Doesn't Feel Like Work," Jade's coaching has been a game changer at every level!!! I absolutely recommend Jade Green"

Carol Benson

Where do I start? What a beautiful soul.


"I have seen Jade fill a room with 50-100 entrepreneurs in a week's notice with authenticity and heart. I have presented with her at retreats and workshops, seeing her help expose people's unique identities. She then empowers them to convey that to the world with attractive ease and grace."




Rory Callaghan

Jade is an incredible facilitator, mentor and speaker.


"Jade is an incredible facilitator, mentor and speaker. She has a down to earth approach, a great sense of humour and her client’s best interest in the centre of everything she does. She understands the importance of People and Profits in business - always working towards a balance in the business owner’s life.


If you are lucky enough to experience Jade on stage, you will find her story inspiring, relatable and capturing. She uses her experiences to engage the audience to challenge their own status quo and to strive for a better outcome for themselves.


An expert in her field, Jade’s knowledge on business, personal identity and how to become a visible leader in your industry makes her an invaluable asset to you and your team."



Paulina Roach

She will inspire you to laugh, cry and dig deep, and create profound long-lasting results.


"Jade is a unique one of kind motivational leader. She will inspire you to laugh, cry and dig deep, and create profound long-lasting results to propel you forwards. 


Her passion, inspirational wisdom and motivational desire to help people stems from a deep rooted heartfelt genuine desire to help people grow. She leads and guides you with transparency, compassion, and a conscious desire to make this world a better place for you to be in. 


She will nurture the seed she sees in you, help you grow into what she knows you can become by tuning into your highest potential. I highly recommend Jade to anyone looking to supercharge their life and live big!"


Monika Carlin-Lund

a good eye for detail and bringing out the essentials to take your business to the next level


"Jade is full of energy and fun to work with. I appreciated her insight and inspiration during my time at the GeniusU conference.


She seems to have a good eye for detail and bringing out the essentials to take your business to the next level.


She is also a great networker as she was able to bring some participants from another platform to attend the conference at the last minute, which proved to be a win-win for everyone involved. Continue shining your light star!"

DeBorah Bellony

If you would like to upgrade your business, motivate your team or do an event definitely speak to Jade.


"It was a pleasure to meet her in Bali, Vision Villas. I see her as a person who has a great gift to motivate team and run events.


I experienced how she was running an Entrepreneur Social event. It was very natural and full of energy. If you would like to upgrade your business, motivate your team or do an event definitely speak to Jade."


Tomas Nutil

You want to know Jade and I highly recommend her if you need assistance with anything about business strategy


"Jade is a shining star with so much heart and expertise in building your business and teams.


Her spark is motivating and her creativity is beyond 5 stars.


You want to know Jade and I highly recommend her if you need assistance with anything about business strategy."



Rose Tefoya

Jade is a rare leader and mentor, combining her entrepreneurial expertise with her global community of conscious leaders and her fabulous energy. Whether you're looking for guidance on the latest LinkedIn strategies or mentorship on how to grow your enterprise, I highly recommend Jade!

Roger Hamilton

Futurist and Social Entrepreneur


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